Friday – Giles Ranch, Bucklin, Kan.

Friday – Stucky Ranch, Kingman, Kan.

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News & Audio

Kasey Miller has posted some pictures from the National Angus Conference & Tour to our Facebook page. Don't forget to like the page while you're there.



Conference Coverage

National Angus Conference Welcome, Jarold Callahan, president and chairman of the Board, American Angus Association

Summary | Audio (2.2 MB)

Setting the Stage, Matt Caldwell, regional manager, American Angus Association

Summary | Audio (1.8 MB)

Feed Efficiency and Understanding its Impact on Production Systems, Bob Weaber, Kansas State University, and Daryl Strohbehn, Iowa State University

Summary | Powerpoint (3.0 MB) | Audio 1 (16.9 MB) | Audio 2 (16.1 MB)

Reproductive Performance: When You Need to Know More, Sally Northcutt, director of genetic research, and Brian Brigham, director of genetic systems, Angus Genetics Inc.

Summary | Northcutt Powerpoint (2.2 MB) | Brigham Powerpoint (2.6 MB) | Northcutt Audio (7.2 MB) | Brigham Audio (10 MB)

Genomics: Old, Now and New, Tonya Amen, director of genetic services, Angus Genetics Inc.; Megan Rolf, Oklahoma State University, and Mark McCully, Certified Angus Beef LLC

Summary | Amen Powerpoint (1.6 MB) | Rolf Powerpoint (4 MB)
| McCully Powerpoint (2.6 MB) | Rolf Audio (7.2 MB) | Amen Audio (9.8 MB) | McCully audio (13.7 MB)

Global Footprint of Food Production and the Impact of Genetic Improvement, Jude Capper, Washington State University

Summary | Powerpoint (11.8 MB) | Audio 1 (15.3 MB) | Audio 2 (13.9 MB)

Wrap up, Bryce Schumann, CEO, American Angus Association

Summary | Audio (1.7 MB)


Tour Coverage


Wednesday tour photo gallery


Thursday tour photo gallery


Friday tour photo gallery



































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