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Conference Coverage

Welcome, Bill Davis, President and Chairman of the Board, American Angus Association
Summary | PowerPoint (424 KB pdf) | Audio


Bridging the Gap from Producer to Consumer, Tracey Erickson, Vice President, Certified Angus Beef LLC
Summary | PowerPoint (3.1 MB pdf) | Audio
CAB consumer website | CAB producer website


Leadership in the Kitchen and Dining Room, Chef John Doherty, Wolfpak Hospitality
Summary | Audio


Why Animal Industries are so Vulnerable to Today's Instantaneous Communications, Charlie Powell, Washington State University
Summary | PowerPoint (860 KB pdf, photos removed) | Audio


Sustained Nutrition and Lifetime Performance, Lee Dickerson, Purina Mills LLC
Summary | PowerPoint (1.7 MB pdf) | Audio


State of the Beef Industry and Opportunities Ahead, Randy Blach, CEO, Cattle-Fax
Summary | Audio | Cattle-Fax website

Pre-Event News

Angus Producers to 'Meet In Montana' — official release (April 22, 2010)

Meet in Montana — original announcement (March 20, 2010)