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National Angus Conference & Tour is tool to help members improve.




by Kasey Miller for Angus Productions Inc.


ATHENS, GA. (Sept. 6, 2011) — The 2011 National Angus Conference & Tour kicked off in Athens, Ga., Sept. 6, focusing on future planning of the beef industry, estate transition planning, domestic and international marketing, and hope for animal agricultural.

More than 200 Angus breeders braved inclement weather to meet in Georgia for the three-day event, which included tours of Georgia ranches.


“The purpose of the American Angus Association is to help us as members do a better job,” Joe Hampton, American Angus Association president and chairman of the board, said. This event, he added, is a tool provided to make members better producers.


Hamption said the Association has a long-range plan to facilitate more interaction between members and the Association. He mentioned, in addition to the National Angus Conference & Tour, several Association programs are designed to do just that. Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB) has increased demand and development of Angus cattle. The National Junior Angus Association (NJAA) allows youth to grow and become leaders for tomorrow. And Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI) and breed improvement efforts have helped Angus cattle take a front seat in the industry.


Bruce Vincent

Bryce Schumann

CEO Bryce Schumann wrapped up the meeting by saying that he hoped participants learned, that they were inspired, and that they will take the knowledge back home to use and to share with others. He said that Angus breeders will rise to the challenges of the future and will find greatness in the opportunities.


Recapping the conference, Schumann said he was impressed with the transition panel, emphasizing, “we need to get our best and the brightest back into the industry — back into ranching, back into farming — because they are our future.” Many times we underappreciate what the industry and the lifestyle can offer to young people, he added.

Schumann mentioned that international opportunities are endless, and the CAB has the ball rolling, with the highest amount of demand in June and July.


Bruce Vincent’s message about advocacy and hope was an incredibly important one, Schumann said, and telling our message is one of the most important things we can do.

“We’ve got a great story to tell, but we can’t be absent about telling it,” he concluded.


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